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EmergeAugust 3, 2022


Marigold Cultural Centre

605 Prince Street
Truro, Nova Scotia

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Allow It

Allow It

Allow ItWhat if. An interesting pair of words Could go either way really. but what if I listen for the whispers as a friend recently mentioned (thank you) Its like when you just have to do it. No choice even Your intention just takes over and then there is an octopus...

The Winter Season

The Winter Season

In the deepest of Winter with so much quiet I can reflect. re-align and slow down. remember what is important and who... take the time to watch the tiny miracles as they pass by, moving through the woods.  the water in the creek always knows where it is going, so...

Where to find it

Where to find it

What to Wish for... Here I am again Wishing for something What is it I can't find Why do I always need more more more Unless I go to the woods There I am at home.


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