The Winter Season

by | Jan 18, 2020

In the deepest of Winter

with so much quiet

I can reflect.

re-align and slow down.

remember what is important and who…

take the time to watch the tiny miracles

as they pass by, moving through the woods.

 the water in the creek

always knows where it is going,

so much confidence

and where did all the snowflakes come from

I would like to know the artist who made those.

I imagine such a different world when I am here


  1. Nancy and David Reid

    Beautiful words! The quietness of nature in the woods in winter brings peace and happiness. A place to reflect, wonder and slow down. Thank you Jenn

  2. Kathy Houghtaling

    Oh! Jenn! That is sooo deeply inspiring for mom! It was like I was right there with you! love you to the moon + back darlin! love mo xoxox

  3. Aunt Raelene & Uncle Ronnie

    Love the line
    *Remember what is important and who…
    I have learned that as well.
    Love you lots
    Beautiful poetry

  4. Norene Smiley

    This was beautiful in every way. Write more!