Meet the Artist

Jennifer Houghtaling is a sculptor, tile mosaic artist and production potter who lives and works in Pugwash, Nova Scotia.

She creates with the intention of sharing her views and beliefs and being in the moment with the art of creativity.

Evolving the process of pottery from her education at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Jennifer has moved her focus from production pottery to tile mosaic artworks, and sculpture.

Inspired by Nature, she is overwhelmed with the vast ocean to draw images from. As the world changes her motivation is also to share her beliefs about how our human population is destroying the planet, mostly focusing on climate change and how we cannot seem to be satisfied with the simple aspects of life.

Her studio is a space for meditation. She begins her ritual each day and attempts to find a flow state where all she needs is the clay and her hands.

Form is something she chases, every once in awhile, and more and more as she continues on her path, perfect form finds her fingertips and challenges her to visit more often.